Entry Criteria 50

2019 GSER Entry Criteria

Qualification: 50 Miles Solo

The GSER 50 ventures into some of the most rugged, remote and spectacular country in the Victorian Alps. The course covers some of the most difficult and challenging terrain in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. We need to ensure that athletes who undertake this 50 mile course have suitable endurance and race experience to be able to safely complete the course. It is spectacular, challenging and amazing all in one run!

Runners wishing to enter the GSER50 Miler need to have experience in each of the following categories in the last 18 months.

Category 1:
Trail Run of marathon distance or further in under cut off time.
Endurance event of at least 24 hours or more.

Category 2:
A training plan lasting at least 4 months to prepare for the GSER50
A run coach you have consulted about the event.

  • Due to the nature of the event – lap races will not be allowed to be used as a qualifier.
  • Upon entry runners will be asked to nominate the category 1 and category 2 information.
  • Keep in mind this event is a mountain running event held on some rugged terrain and in some remote areas. A slower runner is expected to take 19 hours to finish the 81.3km that makes up the 50 mile event. This will include some night running. Adequate preparation and training is needed.
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