Coaches for GSER100

The Great Southern Endurance Run is a beast! There is no other way to say it and preparing for the GSER100 is likely not going to be like anything else you have prepared for in the past. The combination of distance, technicality and pure mental mettle needed to complete this run means a good coach is invaluable in the process.

Mountain Sports recommends the following coaches. Above their qualifications, we recommend these coaches due to their personal approach, their experience and their general giving nature. None of these coaches have a one size fits all approach, we believe all of them will consider you individually and be invested in you reaching your potential in this event. Mountain Sports does NOT receive any financial reward for recommendations to these coaches.

Mile 27
Andy DuBois
P: 0432 838241
Location: Worldwide (Based in AU)
About: Andy has been coaching for many years and has extensive experience in the European Mountains. Andy has a couple of coaches who work with him and they provide a personalised approach to you achieving your goals.

V&B Athletic
Jase Cronshaw and David Jones
P: 0414 932019 / 0403 626144
Location: Sydney
About: Strong supporters of the Skyrunning Scene, Jase and David have experience on the GSER course as well as other qualifying events. Their positive and personal and extremely supportive approach should get you on the line in good shape to reach your goals.

Ben Hockings
P: 0447 550010
Location: South Australia
About: A Race Director and Coach, Ben has a background in trails and mountains and runs a very personalised service for his clients.

Mathieu Dore
Mathieu Dore
Instagram: @mathieudorerun
Location: Canada | Australia – Online.
About: Mat is a strength coach extraordinaire with tons of trail running experience. Mat offers both online strength and conditioning programs as well as running coaching services.

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