Aid Stations

Aid Stations will be located at the following places:

  • Wet Gully Ridge
  • Harrietville
  • Mt St Bernard
  • Selwyn Creek Rd
  • East Buffalo Rd
  • Mt Speculation
  • Upper Howqua
  • Bluff Hut
  • Gardners Hut

  • Location Distance AID Crew PACERS Drop Bags First Aid
    Wet Gully Ridge 11.5k Water NO NO NO NO
    Harrietville 33.7k FULL YES NO YES YES
    Mt St Bernard 55.6k FULL YES YES YES YES
    Selwyn Creek RD 72.4k FULL NO YES YES YES
    East Buffalo RD 86.6k FULL NO YES YES YES
    Mt Speculation 119.4k FULL NO YES YES YES
    Upper Howqua Campground 136.7k FULL YES YES YES YES
    Bluff Hut 151.5k FULL NO YES YES YES
    Gardners Hut 171.3k FULL YES YES YES YES

    Aid Stations FAQ

    Q: What is at a FULL Aid Station?
    A: A Full Aid Station has a variety of foods from the following list: fruit, fruit cake, lollies, chips, hot food (this may be noodles, quiche, hash browns or potatoes). Sandwiches, Hot Drinks (Coffee, Tea and hot choc). Water, Electrolyte and Coke is available as well.

    Q: Are all aid stations guaranteed to have all items for the entirety of the event?
    A: While we stock all aid stations with an abundance of foods and supplies we cannot guarantee that all runners will have all foods available for the entirety of the event.

    Q: What do i do if i want a particular item at an aid station? ie: noodles?
    A: If it is something you really really want and will feel severe disappointment if you don’t have it – pack it into your drop bag!

    Q: What do i do if i have allergies?
    A: Be prepared to cater for yourself. At best our facilities are camp facilities and are not sufficient to cater for allergies.

    Q: If it is a non crew check point but my crew just want to come and have a look – is that ok?
    A: NO

    Q: Are all Aid Stations Manned with staff?
    A: With the exception of Wet Gully Ridge which is unmanned, all other Aid Stations are Manned.

    Q: What else do i need to understand about Aid Stations?
    A: On this course, Aid stations are reached by staff by navigating some high country 4WD tracks that cross the race course. Some tracks come in from Porepunkah, Myrtleford and other towns such as Whitfield. For the best part all Aid stations are at least 2- 2.5 hours drive from a township or settlement. They can also be on some challenging tracks. For this reason, the amount of staff and the amount of equipment at each aid station is limited to what is really needed. For this reason extraction times for runners who just decide to stop can take some hours and during times of non emergency are done in batches rather than individually.

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