The Great Southern Endurance Run is Brutal. There is nothing like it in Australia and for that matter – the Southern Hemisphere…

With that in mind, PACERS are welcomed and there are strict rules to do with PACERS in this event.

PACER – Leg 1: Mt St Bernard to Upper Howqua

Elevation (Ascent/Descent):

PACER – Leg 2: Upper Howqua to Mt Buller

Elevation (Ascent/Descent):


Runners MUST NOT have the same PACER do both legs of the pacing.
A separate pacer is required for leg 1 and leg 2.
Pacers MUST be registered online prior to the event check in.
There is a registration cost for Pacers. This cost covers their inclusion in the event. Insurances/Safety etc.
PACERS should be at the event briefing the night prior to the event start.
PACERS should check their gear in at the Runner Check in the night prior to the event start.
An exemption may be made for pacers who are unable to be at the race briefing or check in HOWEVER an exemption needs to be applied for and Pacers will then be required to present their Mandatory Gear to the Aid Station Chief prior to leaving with their runner. This will be checked and can take up to 30 minutes at the aid station. Please allow this time or you will hold your runner up.
PACERS will be required to provide medical information and emergency contact information.
PACERS will be required to adhere to all direction of event staff.

For the event staff, Pacers on the course pose the same duty of care as runners on the course. If a Pacer is hurt, we need to care for them, evacuate them and provide for them. Please consider carefully who your pacer will be for this event. They need to be properly trained up and mentally tough. They need to have night running experience and be good technically on the trails. They are required to have the gear that you have and above all else they need to be mentally prepared – as much or more than you, the runner are. During your low points they are there to support you, keep you moving and help you navigate. During your high points – they need to keep pace and stay fresh. If you are having a pacer, please consider carefully who your pacer will be for this event.


Q: Do i have to have a PACER?
A: NO, there are plenty of runners who finished the GSER in 2017 without a PACER.

Q: Would you recommend a PACER?
A: YES – however it depends upon whether you have a person who can match you and be as dedicated to your race as you are. The terrain is rugged and the night sections are intense, the pacer takes on alot of responsibility and needs to take the duty seriously. So while we recommend a pacer, not just anyone will do.

Q: Does a PACER have to carry everything that i have to carry, all the Mandatory gear?

Q: But, could we just share some things, like lights etc to lighten the load?
A: NO – No way – not at all. All Runners and PACERS on the course, for the purposes of satisfying safety and insurance requirements MUST have all the gear.

Q: Do i really have to pay for my PACER/s?
A: YES. There is a very real cost to having a PACER on the course. They enjoy the same medical coverage and aid that you enjoy, they are welcome to use the aid stations and the crash pads and they are attended to the same as you are.

Q: What should i do if i am unsure about a person i think could possibly PACE for me?
A: Get out on the trails with the person for a while long before the race and see if they are someone you enjoy running with, someone who is a good match for you and someone you feel safe with. Make sure you are a good fit because when the going gets tough, you will be relying on this person to assist you.

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