Entry Criteria – Solo 100 Miles

2019 GSER Entry Criteria

Qualification: Solo

The GSER 100 traverses the rugged, remote and spectacular australian alps. The course covers some of the most difficult and challenging terrain in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.
We need to ensure that athletes who undertake this 100-mile course have suitable endurance and race experience to be able to safely complete the course.

To assess your suitability, we consider your immediate race experience within the 24 months prior to GSER 100 in 2019.

Runners are required to accumulate at least 100 points to be able to qualify for GSER100 in 2019. The points system has been put together to ensure that the starting field has a good chance of finishing this monster course. Having said that – we are human and if you consider a race doesn’t fit into a category below and should be considered – please write it on your application form.

100 Point Events – Automatic qualifier

  • 100 mile with greater than 5000m elevation
  • GSER 100
  • GSER 50
  • Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam (including 2018 modified)
  • Adventure Race (Expedition length 2+ days)

90 Points

  • Ultra Run well greater than 100 miles (eg. C2K)
  • 100 Mile Run less than 5000m elevation

80 Points

  • Stage Race (eg: MdS)

50 Points

  • Adventure Race (0-2days)
  • 100 km Run
  • Buffalo Stampede Ultra
  • Hounslow Classic Ultra

40 Points

  • 24hr rogaine
  • Ironman
  • Ultra less than 100km (eg: 6ft)

Examples of local races and their qualifying points.

Event Distance Points
Coast to Kosci Ultra 240+km 90
Downunder 135 135 miles 100
6ft Track 45 km 40
Blackall 100 100 km 50
Hume and Hovell 100 Miler 100 miles 90
Great North Walk 100 miles 100
Alpine Challenge 100 miles 100
Northburn 100 miles 100
UTA 100 km 50
Hardcore 100 100 miles 90
Hubert 100 Miler 100 miles 90
Tarawera Ultra 100 km 50
Yurebilla 56 miles 40
Heyson 105 105 km 50

Frequently asked Questions:
Q: Can I fill out an application if I do not yet have my qualifier?
A: Yes, please note this in your application. You will be able to provide us with your results at a later stage.

Q: What if I enter and I DNF at my chosen qualifier?
A: Anyone who does not fill their qualifier by the 1 November 2019 will forfeit their entry.

Q: What if I enter – do not complete my qualifier but find another runner who wants my entry – can i transfer it?
A: Yes, the other runner must be qualified though. First Step is to get them to fill in an application form.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of runners who can enter this event?
A: Yes. We will be taking 200 runners only for the 100 Miler.

Q: Have you scrapped the A,B & C qualifier system?
A: Yes, it was a bit cumbersome and we want people who have the goods to run the event to get some clarity early on this epic endurance event.

Q: I sadly DNFed last year at GSER100 at East Buffalo Rd (or Mt St Bernard or Harrietville) – do I need to qualify again?
A: Athletes who made it past Mt Speculation (approx. 50 miles) will qualify and be accepted, as we feel that you know what will be expected of you. Please list this in your application.

If you would like to discuss your qualifier with the race committee – please email us at info@gser100.com.au. We will get back to you asap so you can plan your year of training and racing!

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