A 100 mile endurance run like no other in the southern hemisphere.

The GSER100 was run for the first time in 2017.

The event will run every two years, reversing the course each time, giving runners the opportunity to run in both directions.

2017, 2021: Mt Buller to Bright
2019, 2023: Bright to Mt Buller

The Great Southern Endurance Run takes on the rugged and picturesque mountains and trails throughout the Victorian Alps. In an odd year event runners climb over 10,207m of ascent and tackle 11,464m of descent over 182km distance. In even year events those numbers are reversed. In both iterations of the event, runners are challenged beyond their known capabilities and stripped bare to the soul in their quest to make it to the finish line of the most brutal, spectacular and amazing run in the southern hemisphere.

This event has been designed to be the gem of 100 miler events in the southern hemisphere.  The point to point journey is epic, the trails are predominantly single trail and the historical Australian Alps Walking Trail is used for parts of the course. The grit and determination it will take participants to finish will be nothing short of extraordinary. The experience along the way – priceless. This is an event that will impact runners, crew and volunteers for the better…

For enthusiasts of ultra running, trail running or mountain running, this course represents the epitome of journeys and events.

“In designing this course – we wanted people to get a pure experience of the Mountains in Australia, we looked for a journey, something that really spoke to the achievement of finishing, to say you have run from Mt Buller to Bright, across the mountains – it’s a formidable challenge in a special setting, that’s ultra running at its best”  

Sean Greenhill, GSER Management Team

The Great Southern Endurance Run will offer a 100 miler Solo or relay option and a 50 mile option. Runners must have qualifiers to enter the event.

Applications open 1st January annually. Keep an eye on the link above for the application link to become live.


Important Dates:
1 January biennially – Entries open.
November biennially – GSER!


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